Workshop On Reachability, Recurrences, and Loops

Satellite Workshop at ICALP 2023

Paderborn, Germany

Monday 10th July 2023


Recursively defined sequences are foundational objects of study in the computational sciences; they arise naturally in areas such as: the analysis of algorithms, weighted automata, loop termination, and probabilistic models.


The aim of WORReLL'23 is to bring together researchers from the community and showcase cutting-edge research on the above topics. The one-day workshop will also celebrate the research contributions of Professor James Worrell (also known as Ben). For context, Ben is giving an invited talk at ICALP this year.

Coincidentally, the workshop is a few days prior to Ben’s birthday. We are also planning to organise a birthday dinner as the closing event of the workshop, so please take this into consideration for planning your travel to Paderborn.

Professor James Worrell
Professor James Worrell

Confirmed Speakers


To be announced